Movida Overall X Brick

Washing Information: 


If it’s a naturally dyed product;

+ Hand wash your Tenera in room temperature/cold water.

+ Always wash them alone and add a little vinegar to preserve and protect the colour.

+ Don’t leave in water for long, give a nice squeeze before hanging


If it’s a digitally printed product;

+ Hand wash in warm water.

Movida Overall X Brick

480,00 ₺Price
  • 100% Cotton

    One size - fits small,medium,large.

    Unisex X overalls are loose fit. No belt, small elastic at the back. Buttoned. If you are looking for a more loose, relaxed fit and maximum comfort this movida is the right one for you. 

    All Tenera products are made from 100% natural fabrics.

    Colour: Burnt Orange 

    Care: Suitable for machine wash in 30C