About Us





tender, sensitive, kind


Tenera is a versatile arts and crafts project on textile design. It intends to reflect the values of its name in its production process and communicate those embodied values through its materials. The brand unites innovation and sustainability with traditional craftsmanship. Aside from the natural dyeing techniques applied on 100% natural materials; Tenera is focused on using materials to their maximum potential through an experimental process. It incorporates observations of natural and cultural beauties as well as unique details and momentary happenings in its aesthetics.

We as founders are versatile, currently studying in London Central Saint Martins College of Art’s, Ela Mete in textile design and Defne Özdoğan in architecture. This enables us to expand our vision by experimenting with the ideologies of the two different branches of art. Our thought processes are constructive as well as creative. In our designs we see our fabrics as canvasses, making our distinctive prints the focal point. Through workshops like live model sketching and natural dyeing we wish to transmit the beauty of nature to more people. As a brand we present our designs meaningfully and aesthetically using performance and photography.


Our ultimate motive is to reveal mother natures treasures and  to improve our versatility in pursuit of creativity, sustainability and authenticity.


Fine arts, digital printing, screen printing, wood carving & wood block printing, natural dying, natural dying with pigment, shibori technique.


Tenera Art Sessions:

Live Drawing Sessions (Chill Out Festival, Bodrum, 2019),

Natural Dying & Shibori Dying Technique Workshop (Raw & Wild Anniversary Event, 2020)

Face & Body Painting Workshop (Raw & Wild Anniversary Event, 2020)