We make, we print, we share

all are:

Natural • Experimental • Moral • Tender








tender, sensitive, kind


Tenera is a multidisciplinary arts and craft project on textile design.

The values of its name are embodied in the processes of making. 

It's a print brand that embraces all fragments of art and blends

 them into practice.


As Tenera, we search for what’s beyond ordinary, question the ethical and 

merge our ideas with traditional craft of various cultural dialectics.


Our stories communicate our perception of the present,

 engaging with the social and political states of our world.

Tenera’s visual library is driven by the narrative of what surrounds us.


We create garments using only natural fibre; kind to skin and the environment. 


Our fabrics are carefully utilised, aiming to minimise waste. We are seeking for 

new ways of naturally dying our fabrics, as well as experimenting with other

printing techniques.


Our production is based in Turkey, where fabric is sourced and garments are 

made. We carefully choose where each step of production takes place in order 

to keep our carbon footprint level to the lowest.